mahatma travel diary


mahatma= the Great Soul
mahatma is a lifestyle brand that follow the true route of the right subject that will never change. This is what Gandhi had seek for.
With the philosophy to create clothes that are made to cherish the life of the earth, consumers and producers, we tailor each cloth with care by working with local craftsmen in the suburban area of Kathmandu using the hand-woven textile we found while traveling throughout India and Nepal.
We think it is important to provide our clothes made from textile, feeling warmth of the local where its came from and deliver it to our customers to wear for your daily lives.


mahatma journey

what takes to make a mahatma

fabrics from the silk road

We travel to the most remote places of India and Nepal looking for Special fabrics, where we can still find people working in the traditional way producing unique materials and products, we join them in the process to share and understand their realities.


made by hand, with love

In mahatma we take pride in our artisans, we give special importance to small communities, supporting them while they share their precious skills with us.

So every piece, every collection, is unique; we find along the way skilled people working with different techniques and materials, carrying their family tradition in their hands and we bring it to you.

すべての作品、すべてのコレクションはユニークピースです。 マハトマの活動では、熟練した職人がさまざまな技術や素材を使って作業し、それらの生地を使用し製作を続けています


I launched mahatma brand in 2013 since then I have been traveling between India, Nepal, and Japan.

In my travels, I have been able to meet and connect with very interesting communities and cloths.
I hope in the future to keep exploring the area to find more fabric types and stories
If we meet in India or Nepal, let’s have a Chai together.


100% handmade and sustainable